New to WSJT-X 2.) and WSPR Can't get anywhere HELP!!!

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New to WSJT-X 2.) and WSPR Can't get anywhere HELP!!!

Try to get onto WSJT and WSPR. Limited success.
Here is my configuration
Yaesu FTDX3000 (suppose to have sound card built in)
USB cable from rear of rig to brand new Dell Laptop running Windows 10.
I have downloaded latest version of WSJT-X
Pulled up settings csreen and checked display in miles, tx messages to freq windows, disable tx, and doubleclick on call sets.
Then went to radio settings.
Have checked FTDX3000 and numerous different com ports,data bits, and handshake. Click Test CAT but get RED on test ca.
I can get band activity on the WSJT screen and RX freq but I can't seem to be able to answer any cq's or get the computer to key the transmitter. ANy help.
Also on the monitor screen the freq. shows rex and a freq of 0.000 000.

I know this is a long post bt am at wits end. Have looked at numerous YouTube videos on setting up, but no luck. Having similar issues with WSPR. Can anyone help?
Thanks, Rich W3EK