Off timing/Off freq

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Off timing/Off freq

It is mind boggling how many stations using WSPR mode are off timing and way off frequency.
Not just once and awhile,BUT for days at a time the same stations.
Do these operators not check progress of spots they are getting? Or just setup,let it run and who cares what happens?
Really though,valid question.We have a small tiny segment and these guys waste it away not even to bother noticing they have NO SPOTS for a week? The funny part is always the station that feels the need to TX EVERY single time slot.
As if desperate to get as many spots as possible but yet unknowing that they are off time/off freq ?
Do they run a WSPR station just to say they run a WSPR station? Never checking progress ,just let it go and drift off into no mans land? If your that "person" us all a favor and shut it down...give it up.Your not interested enough to be using the mode obviously so why not free up some space?This is not a contest to see how many spots you get either by pumping a bunch of RF out either and utilizing multiple freqs for a continuous run for EVERY slot.
Seems arrogant and selfish to the highest degree.Yeah...I know,who am I to say anything...spare me the lecture.