Local propagation study

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Local propagation study

I am a member of the Lincoln County ACS in Newport Oregon. The geography of the coast in this area is hills and valleys, very little in the way of open area except the ocean. One of our goals is to "map" propagation on our local simplex frequency from handheld and mobile. I started using WSPR a week or so ago and this looks liked a tool we could use for this training purpose. What I am proposing ..

We would set our radios to our local simplex on VHF FM
Run them for a 24 hour period using WSPR and see what the propagation looks like.
Modify the stations, locations etc
Run another 24 hour test.

Has this been done? Is there a process? Who would I ask?

I realize it would not show up in the broader WSPR activity but it shouldn't interfere with the broader WSPR activity.

David Davis