Assistance on using an SDR RX set up.

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Assistance on using an SDR RX set up.

I have a few questions that I would like to figure out. I am testing out a simple RX station for WSPR at the moment just using a RaspberryPi and a cheap SDR that just uses direct sampling on the Q port to get down to HF frequencies. Now it works but how effective it is I do not know. Questions are, Should I be using an up-converter prior to the SDR as without direct sampling it will not receive below 26 MHz, if that is the way people have gone, whilst I appreciate using a TXCO at 28.8 Mhz to stabilise the SDR what about the up converter many use 100 or 125 MHz and unless these are high stability they could drift more than the SDR.
I have a few units a typical DVB stick that is very good at VHF/UHF, HackrfOne which really needs a better computer due to the sampling rates and the one i am trying to use which is the HF/UV RTL_SDR with the Dolphin on the tin!

At the end I would like to have a RX station on a band that is basic, low power requirement and does not take up my computer hence the RasPi or a HP Thin client device.
Presently running rtlsdr-wsprd. It seems to give comparable results to other RX stations!