wsprdaemon V2.5a adds background noise level charting to WSPR decoding

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wsprdaemon V2.5a adds background noise level charting to WSPR decoding

This is a new version of the program I shared in a previous post It includes a large number of installation and run time fixes, most importantly a 'monitor for and kill zombie recording sessions on the Kiwi(s)'.

There is also major new feature: It can be configured to generate graphs of background noise level measurements at the same time as WSPR decodes which can be viewed by the Apache web service running on the WD server.
Those graphs can give you great insights into the quality of your receive system and site. However calculating the noise levels triples the CPU requirements on the server, so a Raspberry Pi which can support 20 no-noise bands can only support 8 bands with the noise feature enabled. So if you have more than one Kiwi and want noise graphs, you should wun WD on an Odroid, Atomic Pi, or x86 server running Ubuntu 18.04.

To see what your charts might look like, open:

This code should be completely compatible with existing 2.3 installations, so save your WD2.3, stop your current WD with '-z', copy this code over the existing and start it with '-a'
As before, '-s' will print the status of your system.

Because of all the fixes, I recommend that all sites upgrade to this code. Please report your experience and if you have problems you can easily revert to your WD 2.3 code.