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Wspr receive

Hi all,
I run wspr as both tx and rx, though not both at the same time, for tx I use a random length of wire around 20m long fed against 9 ground rods. Tx is fine, less than 0.5w gets to most places worldwide, sometimes more than 30 spots per tx cycle,
Rx is through a sdr play duo, sdr uno then wsjt-x via a virtual audio cable. Antennas are either the random wire or a PA0RDT mini whip, because the duo has 2 tuners I can receive a different band on each if I choose to.
My question is, how many receive spots should it be possible to receive each wspr cycle? At most I get around 5 receive spots on a band per two minute cycle.
Interested to see how many receive spots others get, I should add that my noise floor here is high, typically s7 although using the sdr filtering I can set a filter bandwidth of 250hz, then the noise drops to s3.