third place in # of grids from two way report @ KB9AMG

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third place in # of grids from two way report @ KB9AMG

Hello! in KB9AMG's list of two way reports, I finally show in the top 10!

Question: If I look at # of girds, I'm at #3 with 254 grids, behind only two other operators (in the world...just saying): 291 for KD6RF and 270 for KK1D. Note: KD6RF and KK1D are killers with fantastic equipment and experience. I fall short in both. hahah. So I am thrilled to even be in their neighborhood.

Now the real question: What does it mean being thrid in unique grids, but a lowly 10th in two way spots?

It seems like I can touch almost everyplace, but the number of reports falls short. Note, I can't tx on 60/30/12m with my current antenna. And there is a lot of traffic on 30m that I miss. Could this explain why I can get to lots of places, but I don't get the same relative # of reports per grid because I can't work 60/30/12m? Is there a setting I need to use?

Is there something I don't know about the grid data (and given that I know next to nothing about it, it is a stupid self evident question...hahah) that explains the relative descrepency?

Insights welcomed!!!