Maritime WSPR on Carnival Cruiseship Vista

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Maritime WSPR on Carnival Cruiseship Vista

After receiving permission from the ship's captain on the Carnival Vista, I was able run a QRP Labs U3S (1/2 watt) into a wire vertical antenna cut for 20meters. It was operational during most of the cruise. After returning home I saw that it was received by several stations inside the US but also some outside: Iceland (TF3GZ), Germany (DK6UG), UK (2E0PYB), Austria (OE9GHV) and Brazil (PY1EME). The antenna was located in a less than optimal location (on my room's balcony) and about a third of the antenna's lower section was blocked by the ship's metal structure. The nice ground plane must have made up for it. :) Also during the cruise, I was able to operate SSB on 20meters using an ICOM703+ (10watts) in a better location. The band conditions seemed marginal (given the sun-spot cycle, that's no surprise) but still made contacts in various places around the US. - Mark Rice, KK5MR