w10 update a month ago changed audio levels for wstj?

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w10 update a month ago changed audio levels for wstj?

I've got a clone and high end audio card running W10. The audio card allows piping the decode audio over to the wstj application. Prior to the w10 update about a month ago by adjusting the volume of hdsdr (which works fine as far as the speakers go) but I notice that now on wstj the volume level shows very low and does not change with adjustment on hdsdr. It shows about 10db and shows orange all the time. It seems to be decoding fine too. I'm wondering if some dll changed somewhere on w10 that caused this change?

version is wsjt-x v2.0.17ddcb7

Anyone else observe this?

I know its a long time since a month ago but I have been tinkering with all the mixer settings to try to get the levels back to where they were but to no avail. Of course if it works even though wspr shows low then I suppose that there's no problem, maybe, maybe there is on very weak signals.

I have not tried other sdr applications as they frequently have a way of messing things up for something that is working. That's probably the next step unless what I am observing is normal/ok.