Wrong Band and the LF band

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Wrong Band and the LF band

A few users don't submit true received frequencies but the audio frequencies received. Unfortunately these end up in the LF band when they are much more likely to have been defective reports of HF band reception.

It would appear much better to LOOSE these faulty reports rather than put them into the wrong band because:-

1.The LF band report is not then contaminated with very misleading junk reports.

2.The reporting station may then discover that they are doing something wrong by asking why they don't appear.

3. It is somewhat saddening to see reports of 77 stations received when you would be very fortunate to receive ten good stations on the LF

It seems the reported frequency is sorted into bands by frequency excepting that the LF band seems to be sorted by "everything less than 138KHz" instead of " in the LF band".