Another Free Antenna

While visiting friends out in the country, I noticed an old vertical antenna stacked with some plastic pipe and managed to talk them out of it. They were happy to get rid of another piece of scrap and I have a plan for t, already. Originally made for use on 11 meters, I realized it should be simple enough to convert it to work on 10 meters and maybe even tune it for 20 meters, so I began working on it. The mast itself had at some time been replaced with galvanized electrical conduit, which was corroded, so that will be removed and replaced with 3/4 inch copper pipe of the correct length. The joints will be reworked to be adjustable instead of being secured with screws. The missing radials will be replaced with 1/4 inch copper tubing and the adjustment can then begin in earnest. It is already resonant around 30MHz and 64MHz, so I can easily convert those figures to usable numbers for 10 and 6 meters, but may add a loading coil for 20 meters, as well. I love a challenge.