Working A New Transmitter And Pleased With The Results

I found a nice QRP WSPR transmitter online from and ordered the mid-range model that covers 17, 20, 30 and 40 meters. Output is a reasonable 200mW on all bands and I am running it into a converted vertical antenna over a few buried ground radials (I plan to add more radials soon) and am pretty pleased with the results. I have worked all four bands on and off the last couple of days and seem to get consistent results from Hawaii to the East Coast and up into Canada pretty reliably. The little radio is about the size of my outstretched hand, has an external GPS for timing and uses USB power. It also configures either as a signal generator or WSPR beacon and is configured via USB and freeware downloaded software. It does use SMA connectors for the GPS and antenna, so I had to find my collection of old scrap test equipment parts and salvage some small coax and an SMA adapter to get hooked up, but it is on the air running both 30 and 40 meters right now (on alternate transmit windows). The price is pretty good for a dedicated transmitter and shipping from Sweden was just $20 plus the cost of the radio. I have yet to tie it into the big vertical antenna I use for everything else, but I plan to do that this week to test the difference in how far the spots are reported. I'm pumped. This little radio is essentially portable with a mobile antenna, as well, and can be powered from a portable USB charger and used with a wire antenna for camping trips. Harry at Zachtek also makes WSPR receivers, as well as some small kits for scratchbuilders and a signal generator among several products. This is not an ad, but just my enthusiasm for having found this little radio.