60 meters WSPR 5.364.7 mHz

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60 meters WSPR 5.364.7 mHz

Last night, I decided to monitor the 60 meter frequency of 5.364.7 mHz from the west coast of Canada. I received a total of three stations...one in Argentina and one each from western Canada and the eastern USA which I won't name here. Now I understand it's pending that a 15 kHz band from 5351.5 – 5366.5 kHz has been approved for Canada and, maybe, the USA but, as far as I have been able to find out, has not been authorized for use yet...at least, in Canada. This range of frequencies would include 5364.7 kHz. My question is, has this new mini band actually been approved for use in Canada and the USA? If so, can someone please point me to a document where this is clearly stated? Otherwise, I have to think that the Canadian and US stations I heard are operating, illegally, out of band. I'd appreciate if anyone could enlighten me...thanks. Ivan Dubinsky VE7IVN

PS: If we are authorized to use those frequencies, I might set up my own 60 meter WSPR beacon.