Feature Request - Map Zoom level

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Feature Request - Map Zoom level

Would it be possible to add a zoom level to the Map page settings? I have the Latitude and Longitude configure so my QTH is in the middle and use the + on the map to zoom in. It would nice to have the ability to add a zoom level within the settings so the maps displayed at the preferred zoom level.


Show only spots on this band.
Use Band Colors
When checked on, path colors are coded according to band
If non-blank, show only those spots involving the specified call
Latitude -33.5
Center of map latitude
Longitude 151
Center of map longitude (east positive, west negative)

Zoom Level [value] <<<---- Add this so the map would display at the zoom level listed

Time period

Show spots in this period of time
Day/Night overlay
Shows which areas of the earth are in daylight.
Exclude Special Callsigns
Excludes calls starting with Q and 0, typically used for balloon telemetry