Thrilled to be here, mind is racing

Pi esp32 guru. Shocked at my 1/5 watt tapr hat on my pi and 46’ centerfed dipole thumb tacked to the garage attic roof beam.

SDR on pi in kitchen receiving away, but only me coming in until I put it on the real dipole.

Thinking of one pi, dual service transmitting 2 min, then receiving 18min.

Started with Baudot machine I could barely get up the stairs in 1968, getting 850 hz shift with a 1,5v d cell wire wrapped around the vfo tube pin in the sb401, had to tune it in a pitch black room to bring the pair of 6146, to a just visible dim cherry incandescence to not melt the glass envelopes, then covered the world. On 15m.

Now drawing 7 watts from a cell charger for worldwide magic joe Taylor k1jt comms.

Wow. Bradshaw, k1te, Sandwich STEM Academy. Cape Cod, MA,