1st day testing my Zachtek Desktop TX on 160m

I started this WSPR journey back in June of this year when i acquired the Zachtek desktop TX from Harry. I have an interest in Low band propagation so a good easy starting point for me is 160m. I knew back then that i had to build an effective antenna system and i also knew that a good earth system was paramount to my future success.
Luckily for me i have a decent size back garden that measures 160ft x 160ft that was in need of total renovation and landscaping so the land was cleared and leveled in preparation for the new lawn that was scheduled to be laid later in the summer months. I took this opportunity to lay a very extensive ground system compromising of a total of 128 ground radials each 60ft in length. Not up to AM Broadcast standards i have to say but far better than many low band installations out there compromising of a few couterpoise wires laid out across the ground. The job seemed to take forever. I calculated in excess of 8000ft of hard drawn copper wire in lime were laid prior to the new turf being laid on top. So, now we have an earth system.
I then moved on to the antenna itself. Many 160m hams out there favour the inverted L as it offers a mixture of decent ground wave and sky wave propagation. It's also incredibly easy to construct if you have a couple of masts or a tree at each end of your garden. This seemed like the ideal choice. The internet is a marvelous thing as it offers a whole wealth of knowledge for someone like me just starting out in this hobby. So, with Google, Youtube and a copy of the ARRL Antenna handbook i constructed a work of art of an antenna and matching unit with an SWR of 1:1 that my little Zachtak Desktop TX seems to like.
160m is going to be my starting point with future plans to adapt the inverted L and add a loading coil or even add a varometer that i already have from a Marconi marine TX and make my way down to 474khz. So, watch this space. 73's.