WSJT-X / WSPR Additional Feature Request?

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WSJT-X / WSPR Additional Feature Request?

Apologies in advance if I have posted this question in the wrong place.

Apart from me, would anyone else find it a useful addition to the WSPR wide graph display to add a vertical cursor (just a pretty dumb but moveable vertical line really) , so enabling a comparison - frequency-wise to be made across the diffent displayed time slots?

Just a vertical and user-moveable line so that you can line up a signal for example at 1500Hz in one time frame with a later one.
To add to this if that's not asking too much...., possibly an option change to the top frequency axis (whatever you set what it is at the moment e.g say the bottom of the band 1400 Hz) to the absolute frequency e.g. to 1.8380 MHz - if you like top band hi! - hope I have my figures correct....)?

(I think that the Hz / absolute frequency could possibly have have been a feature in much earlier versions?)

73 John G8DYK