Lopsided ratio of TX / RX

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Lopsided ratio of TX / RX

Looking at vk7jj data, you can ratio spots of TX to RX for the same call/period/band. For Wa9wtk (for example) the ratio is about 2/1. For km4udx, the ratio is about 4/1. This suggests I get out fine, but I don't hear as well.

If the goal is maximizing 2 way spot reports (e.g.kb9amg), then it sure would be nice to hear all the folks who hear me. If I can't hear a call that hears me, then the spot report has no value for my goal.

Should I turn down the TX percent to shift the tilt towards more RX spots? Are there other techniques to improve my 2 way rankings that I'm missing?

Thank you all!