bad 160 M entries / flakey 30 M power level

Hi All -

I swear there is some sort of odd sequence of changing bands, and having the selected band in the WSJTx app snap back to the previously selected band.... but can not figure out the click sequence to duplicate the issue. Or who knows, maybe I just suffered multiple brain aneurysms :O

In either case, I dumped a half hour or so worth of 20 M data into 160 M this AM - this is probably the second or third time this happened - sorry about that folks...


Also, my 30 M rig is having heartburn and is dropping down in power randomly - so the 30 M SNR's you see from my station are not going to be consistent with the stated 5 Watts power level.


All should be back to normal in a month or 2 when the floor in my lab gets completed. There was much mysterious water damage, and I had to have it replaced. When the floor is done, I will be back to the dedicated multi-band setup, instead of having to switch around the station IC706's morning and evening.

73 - dB - KD6RF