WsprryPi starts tx but never stops

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WsprryPi starts tx but never stops

I haven't used my WsprryPi board for a while and, since I last used it, it have assigned the RPi 3B+ I was using to another project and brought a 4B to this project.

I downloaded the latest software from GitHub and ran it with my usual parameters. The program starts and gives the usual info regarding 'TX started at: etc' but that is the last info printed. I seem to remember that 2 minutes later a message regarding TX stopped would appear but that just doesn't happen any more.

Anyone have any idea why this might be?

The Pi 4B has the latest Raspbian Buster installed from scratch.

Output from Wsprrypi:

Detected Raspberry Pi version 2/3
WSPR packet contents:
Callsign: G4NUX
Locator: IO91RB
Power: 20 dBm
Requested TX frequencies:
14.097100 MHz
Extra options:
NTP will be used to periodically calibrate the transmission frequency
Transmissions will continue forever until stopped with CTRL-C
A small random frequency offset will be added to all transmissions

Ready to transmit (setup complete)...
Desired centre frequency for WSPR transmission: 14.097048 MHz
Waiting for next WSPR transmission window...
Obtained new ppm value: -7.7323
TX started at: UTC 2020-03-18 12:10:01.002

and that is the total output until I CTRL-C several minutes (up to 30) later.

It's got me foxed!