Problem using user_hardware on Linux? (Raspian)

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Problem using user_hardware on Linux? (Raspian)

HI Folks,

I have wsjt-x on a raspberry pi running wsjt-x fulltime in bandhopping mode (via an SDR.)

I'd like to be able to automatically switch antennas when the frequency changes.

Per the documentation, I placed a bash script called user_hardware in /home/pi/local/WSJT-X, which I assume is the "working directory", and did the chmod +x etc.

Right now the script simply outputs a string to a text file, and it works fine when called from the shell. (Eventually it will be something fancier in Python.)

From what I can tell, the user_hardware script is never found/never called, since the text file never appears.

Is anybody successfully using the user_hardware feature on Linux? And/or is there any logging within wsjt-x that I can enable to see if it is simply not finding the file, or if it is failing?

(As a last resort, I have the source code downloaded and buildable, but would find that a rather daunting path.)

Thanks for any help!