What do I have setup for WSPR


I operate in 20m (14.0956) and 40M (7.0386) SIMULTANEOUSLY.

I am running a simple Lenovo Thinkcentre Mini PC headless connected to an SDRPlay DUO. The SDRPlay DUO has the same antenna attached to both inputs ( 100' of 16GA wire hanging in the fence which is 6' tall) no baluns no nothing, the cable literally soldered to a coax with a PL in the other end.

It was a challenging but fun project gets 2 SDRUno instances and 2 WSJTX instances running at the same time with the magic of Virtual Cables. So, if you can reach me with my poor antenna setup which is not even cut to a specific frequency means that your signal is pretty good in Colorado Springs, Colorado (DM78PW).

My plans are in summer put one dipole for 20m and another for 40m so it gets more real.

I wanted to run this project on a Raspberry PI but unfortunately SDRUno still don't support the Dual Tuner for any other OS other than Windows :-(

I may change frequencies down the road to other bands that maybe need more support. I still learning about this mode.

73' de KB0AP, Angel