04April2020 Just getting started.

Today, I finally managed to get the Raspberry Pi 4 to communicate over RealVNC with my iPad and the Icom IC-7300.
The most difficult issue was getting the RealVNC to provide a desktop image to the iPad.
Most of the instructional YouTube videos and other instructional webpages assume that their audiences are reasonably well-versed in Linux.
I know virtually NOTHING about Linux.

I'm not a big fan of the Chameleon CHA F-Loop, but living in an apartment, it's what I have.
WSPR seems to be working out on 20m, but not so much with FT8. I'll take what I can get.
I have to have SOMETHING to do while "socially isolating".

I'll let WSPR run on 20m for a bit longer, then around sundown, switch over to 40m for a while.

My info is good on QRZ.com