Lost in Space

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Lost in Space

As my subject title states Lost in Space. I use both Mac PC and Imac tabet with a windows 7 desktop and I have been trying for ages to get going on this Digital stuff for months now as I have been in isolation lockdown and I am getting very frustrated with Digital. my main interest is in Antennas, I have installed the latest iMac WSPR app and WSPR for Windows ( which is always asking to download drivers etc and of coarse an unzipper .I have watched various Youtube vids but most of them either talk too quickly or assume you know what they are talking about and move the mouse too quickly and not telling you what they clicked on, OK as you can see from this entry that I am in trouble ? and any simplified and slowly explained help I desperately need. I hope you are all keeping safe from this virus.
thanks for reading this, 73s Maurie ( if it is allowed I enter my email address :-) vk2cd34@gmail.com