Week long window for the map (or longer) - possible?

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Week long window for the map (or longer) - possible?

Hi - I really enjoy using WSPR and seeing the spots come in, over the amazing resource that is WSPRnet.
Running WSPR satisfies my 'QRP desires', doesn't require me to receive anyone (I can't - S9 noise levels across the spectrum)
and doesn't soak up my time - even in 'lockdown' I seem to be busy most of the time.

I especially enjoy QRPp. Right now I'm running 200microwatts, and have been, for a couple of days.
Spots are rare - just a few. I'd love to be able to display a week's worth of spots on the maps. The spots would probably total fewer than 30.

I quite understand the need to limit the number of spots, per map. My question is: would a wide timespan, but low spot-count map request, place a heavy load on the server?
And if not, would it be possible to open the current 24-hour max window, to a week, a month, even a year??

Thanks and 73 - Martin, G4EFE