WSPR on 6m - frequency calibration

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WSPR on 6m - frequency calibration

It's been a bit of a struggle for me to hear much on 6m, mostly due to a less than ideal antenna in a less than ideal location, so it's equally difficult to know exactly what frequency I'm on.
I've had no success recently trying to find a beacon to use - I've mostly been listening for PI4 sigs from GB3MCB or PI7SIX.
One idea I've tried is to monitor PI4 via WEBSDRs to get an idea of what frequency they're on, then try to detect my own WSPR sigs.
While doing this recently I seen local(ish) sigs spread over nearly 400Hz - and nobody seems report themselves to be on the frequency I think they are.

So - can anyone suggest a better way to calibrate on 6m in the absence of elaborate test gear, a reliable beacon, a new antenna or a new QTH.