Tracking Multiple Balloons W/ Same Callsign

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Tracking Multiple Balloons W/ Same Callsign
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I thought I posted this before but am not seeing it anywhere. Apologies if it winds up being a duplicate.

I run a STEM program for the boy scouts and I am adding Pico Balloons to it. I should be launching the first one tomorrow - wish me luck!!! Anyway, it's very possible to have more than one balloon flying at the same time as these can fly for up to two years. My favorite transmitter includes both APRS and WSPR, but APRS is not reliable globally and most of the tracking will be done using WSPR. Is there a way to track more than one balloon at a time that use the same call sign? I want each group of scouts to be able to track the balloon that they helped launch.

One suggestion I got was to use the power field. A different value in the power field will differentiate the balloons from each other in the database search. Could the power field be added to the search options for the map also? This would allow to track a specific balloon via it's callsign and power setting. Power setting would be different for each balloon.

I am new to HAM and focus 99% on APRS and WSPR for balloon track so don't know if this has been requested before or if it makes sense to anyone but me...