WSPRnet spot uploads time out

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WSPRnet spot uploads time out

I'm running WSPR version 2.0_r1714 on a Windows XP machine (like all of my ham radio stuff). For some months now I have been getting the "Attempted access to timed out" error in the DOS window every time the software tries to upload spots. One or two spots may go through before the timeout, but never all of them and often none.

The system has been working without problems for many years. This started happening suddenly, but I can't remember any more the date I first had this problem. I haven't changed anything in Windows XP and I haven't upgraded the WSPR software in years, knowing that WSJT-X does not run properly on Win XP. I did try it at some point - doesn't work. And there's nothing wrong with my internet connection (direct broadband satellite link via Eutelsat's KA-SAT). So, what in the WSPRnet site has started causing this timeout? And how can I get my system working again?