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Spot posting API


these queries are from the WSJT-X development team.

1) Is there any documentation in the public domain for the fields accepted in posts to ?
2) We and others include a field named "mode" which has values of "2" for WSPR-2, and "15" for WSPR-15 spots. Is this field stored in the WSPRnet database?
3) If yes to (2), are there any plans to include it in queries so users can see which mode is being spotted?
4) The response from for a successful posting of a spot includes the text "1 spot(s) added", from that I infer that multiple spots might be posted in one query. If so, how is that done?

We are going to be adding new quasi-beacon modes to WSJT-X similar to WSPR and our testers feel that is the best place for spots.

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