Station Changes

For the last year I have been running a Wellbrook ALA100LN preamplifier driven from a 8m x 2m wire loop for LF to 6m. Because I am close to a MW broadcaster 9 pole HPF and 9 pole LPF are used to remove the 0.55-1.6 MHz signals ( 1/2 V rms antenna output !! ).

I have lots of local noise, 30m being very poor thanks to VDSL. The two Red Pitaya SDR's remain in use 24/7, but they do need preamps and repositioning the attenuator link. The boards are designed to look like scope inputs, 1M ohm/20pF in both LV and HV settings. Putting the link across the center pins removes the built-in attenuators ( but you still need around 20dB of gain).

I also run a KiwiSDR from the filter output, that is a RX that I would not be without. As I can reach it through my home LAN I can open a receiver on a laptop, another on another laptop, decode Met charts on a PC and view a forth channel on a smart TV.