Site changes for new WSPR FST4W modes

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Site changes for new WSPR FST4W modes

Since around version 2.1.1 wsjt-x has been uploading a `mode` value that WSPRNet has not been consuming. With the advent of new FST4W quasi-beacon modes we will now consume that value.

Going forward we will process the `mode` according to 4 values:

  • "2"
  • "15" for the current WSPR modes -2 & -15
  • "5
  • "30" for the FST4W modes 300 & 1800

This change applies to the manual upload too, i.e. WSPRNet will support an 11th column `mode` which can be one of these above 4 values.

From a legacy data perspective all old spots are treated like they are WSPR-2. Likewise, uploaded data without a mode, or an unsupported value, will be defaulted as WSPR-2.

Finally, I quickly added a mode filter to the Database Page. I don't know if we should be filtering the map by mode since:

  • the new modes are MF/LF
  • K1JT is recommending that users stop using WSPR-2 and -15 on MF/LF completely in favor of the new modes **

Very few users are uploading with the mode parameter, so this is probably not going to do much in the short run. This is still a work in progress and suggestions are welcome.



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