2M Transverter operation and WSPR Report

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2M Transverter operation and WSPR Report

I have been using WSPR for many years now and have just got onto 2M.
I am using a Kenwood TS-990S with a Q5 Signal 2M transverter.
I am using the standard 28MHz IF and so The TS-990 is switched to that band and in Xtvr mode and the display reads 144.124.60. All ok the gear works exceptionally well.

My problem is in the reporting function. I only see my contacts if I select 10M in WSPR and not in the 2M segment. Same in WSPR View off course.

I looked through the help files and found a brief reference to transverter operation. I have played with it but I do not seem to have the
procedure right. If I take 28MHz as the IF then I get -96.000 but I cannot enter the minus sign its only entered as as positive and the wspr program comes up ok with 96 MHz as a WSPR band frequency.

Please what am I doing wrong?

Its nice to see all my reports for 2M reported on the 10M band but its not much help for other people to see my 2M activity.

Please put me out of my misery


Alan VK7AM