FST4W 160m

According to the latest user manual the new FST4W modes should provide enhanced capabilities not only in the LF/MF region but also 160m. Regular activity is now well established on 136 and 474.2 using FST4W with some excellent transatlantic spots when conditions allow, so perhaps its time to see what can be achieved on 160.

There was some initial activity on 160 (and higher) when the modes first became available but appeared to die out after a few weeks.

So, if anyone is interested I intend to monitor 160m using FST4W 120 and 300 modes every day between EU sunset and EU sunrise (around 1500utc to 1000utc at the moment). To make this a realistic test monitoring will continue for at least a month (longer if there is any activity) which should be long enough to establish if the new modes actually offer any enhancements over regular WSPR2 - assuming of course that TX stations wish to join in.

Trevor G0KTN