Australian 50 & 144 MHz WSPR Leaderboard Challenge

You can view the results of the Australian 50 & 144 MHz Leaderboard Challenge on the Australian Ham Radio Discussion Forums and also on the 144 MHz WSPR and the 50 MHz WSPR Facebook group pages.

50 MHz WSPR Leaderboard on AHRDF -

144 MHz WSPR Leaderboard on AHRDF -

On Facebook just search for 144 MHz WSPR or 50 MHz WSPR and you should find those groups.

The constant downtime from the WSPRnet site is causing a lot of problems with us being able to upload spots efficiently and to be able to view the results and observe whats happening in real time. We are trying to deal with the issue but it is getting really bad and many spots are being missed because they are not uploading to the WSPRnet server in a timely manner.
If an admin of WSPRnet could try and resolve this issue it would be much appreciated. Some of the group members have suggested users of WSPRnet should chip in donations to provide a better service?

So far up to my 8th attempt to post this information without page cant be displayed msg.