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WSPRd web interface

this is my first post in this community so, first of all, I say congratulations and a big thank you for time spent for making WSPRnet growing.
I'm passionated of all digital modes, especially packet and APRS.
I've just finished to setup my WSPR reporting station composed by a Raspberry, cheap SDR dongle and an inverted V dipole on 40m.
I plan to install a multiband antenna and schedule wspr listening on different HF bands, but it's a work in progress. I'm still becoming familiar with WSPR.

I developed a simple web interface for reading some statistics of my WSPR station:
You can have more details of received spots clicking on "Show spot details" in the stations table.
The receiving software is WSPRd ( ) modified by me in order to have date and time of received spots (feature not present in the original software). I made a merge request on github and I'm waiting for confirmation.

I would like very much any comment or improvement suggestion by this community.

For example, I'm considering to add a feature in WSPRd for the forward the wspr spots to aprs-is network. Is it something already discussed?

Thanks in advance,
Alfredo IZ7BOJ