No Band Hopping on Ver 2.3.0 running on RasPi 3B+

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No Band Hopping on Ver 2.3.0 running on RasPi 3B+


I am running (I believe) the latest version of WSPR-X (V 2.3.0) on a Raspi 3B+ running Raspian "OS Linux 5.10.11-v7+ #1399 SMP Thu Jan 28 12:06:05 GMT 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux"

I downloaded the wsjtx_2.3.0_armhf.deb package and installed it directly with no problems. The program starts up with no apparent issues.

The radio is a uBitx-6 kit and talks FT-817 serial commands at 38.4KBaud over a USB serial port connection. I use direct Serial CAT control and not FLRig.

At first I couldn't get the serial port to work (and yes, the username is a member of the dialout group). but after fussing with it a bit it seems to work fine -
it was the wrong baud rate and resetting the radio when using the wrong baud rate between tests that caused issues.

I can change frequencies manually from the program and I see a green dot to the right of the freq drop down menu (and the freq is shown yellow on a black background),
and it also auto loads collected data to the WSPRNET web site just fine (search on N8OBJ).

I also under the Settings Menu can do a "test CAT" and in comes back in about 4 secs and the "Test PTT" button illuminates after the test completes.

My problem is that I set the schedule for band hopping and checked the "band hopping" checkbox, but it will NOT switch frequencies on its own.

An older program version under this same configuration used to work just fine.

Has anyone else seen this on the new RasPi OS version?

John N8OBJ