Submitting WSPR Spots via HTTP POST from software

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Submitting WSPR Spots via HTTP POST from software

Hello -

A growing group of operators are running Software Defined Radios and skimming/spotting using software such as CW Skimmer and software with the CWSL architecture to generate spots for the WSJT-X digital modes. Many of these spots find their way to PSK Reporter, Reverse Beacon Network, Hamspots, etc. It would be trivial to additionally decode and spot WSPR and upload those spots to WSPRnet. A few questions:

1. May any software post WSPR spots to WSPRNet? E.g., would it be frowned upon if I began posting WSPR spots for all bands from my own software?

2. I haven't found a public API document regarding the WSPRNet API for posting spots. Is there one? Regardless, it does seem well-documented via the WSJT-X source code, and also quite simple.

For now, I am operating under the assumption that this is an open site, with open technology - and spots will be accepted from anywhere (as is the case with PSK Reporter, etc.) Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you for any insight.

W2AXR, Alex