WSJT-X Versions for Slower PC's/Laptops/Notepads?

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WSJT-X Versions for Slower PC's/Laptops/Notepads?

Hi and thanks for reading this post.

I have WSJT-X v2.3.1, WSPR, working under Windows 7 on both an old laptop Core 2 pc and also a notepad - Intel Atom inside. Both also have 2g RAM installed (with our old friend Norton AV in the background for both).

In terms of WSPR decode times, the laptop wins hands down in around 6 seconds into the next time period, whereas the notepad (clearly lacking in horsepower) takes anything up to and beyond into the next 2 minutes timeframe.

I have a few questions from this with regards to the notepad and would be greatful for any comments:-

- the notepad taking up to and over 2 minutes to decode - is this really a problem, or will things catch up?
(the notepad decode is set to "normal" and not "deep")

- if this is a potential problem then is there anything that I can do to improve things (e.g. are there any previous WSJT-X versions that may help / whatever etc) ?

Many thanks,
John G8DYK