Hamlib error using WSJTx over wireless connection

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Hamlib error using WSJTx over wireless connection

I have been running WSJTx 2.3 over a wireless connection (with RSBA1 utility)to an IC705 and the connection will work for a while but eventually WSJTx throws an error message:
Hamlib error: IO error
rig.c(745):rig_open return
while opening connection to rig

At which point I have to drop any connections showing up in RSBA1 and reconnect to the 705 to get WSJTx to work agn.
What is weird is how the connection sometimes can hold for hours, or it will fail in five minutes.
I haven't had the an issue with FLDIGI breaking the connection.
Have tried three different PC's and get the same results.
Thanks if anyone has any thoughts on it.
73 Mike AB7RU

Update 2021-07-25
I discovered that the even when WSJT-X throws that hamlib error, the program will continue to decode WSPR and post them here on wsprnet. So the program still working fine, but you can't change anything on the radio remotely (change band or key it). To get control back of the radio requires the internet connection to be ended in RSBA1 utility, and restarted, then restart wsjtx and most of the time it will run fine for a while. Anyway just an fyi in case others are having the same issue.

Update 2021-08-21
Well I have discovered that this issue can often be resolved by launching FLdigi, and usually fldigi will still see the 705 (unless rs-ba1 has to be restarted). Then quit out of fldigi and go back to WSJT-x and click the "Retry" button and it will clear out the error. If this does not work then rsba1 has lost the connection. I get that here sometimes. But I tell you what, it is nice not having to deal with the usual PC to rig cables.

Update 2021-08-22
Looks like the fldigi 'fix' isn't completely restoring the connection, wsjtx still errors out after just a few minutes give or take. However, appears to hold the connection through rsba1 longer without Transmit enabled in wsjtx.