WSPRnet server changes

Tomorrow, I will be making a change which will redirect all access to the wsprnet community drupal web site (this site) from to You may need to login again to create a new session. This is in preparation to move the interactive user site to another server to improve performance and separate that functionality from spot reporting.

This is all part of a long-term strategy to evolve the WSPRnet architecture, which has remained essentially unchanged since 2008. It's amazing that it has survived this long in its current form, and it certainly would not have without the valuable help of the WSPRnet admins, Corrie (M0XDK), Gary (W1GJM), Erwin (PE3ES), who have taken care of the site during several years in which I was essentially unavailable. We all owe them our thanks!

Once the split is complete, we will be working toward improving the spot reporting, quality control, and distribution to enable other WSPRnet sites/applications. We're also working on a new map server solution. Stay tuned!