Bad performance of RedPitaya vs. SDRplay

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Bad performance of RedPitaya vs. SDRplay
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Hey Guys,

I am working on WSPR since one year and I had all the time the feeling that the RedPitaya (Stemlab 14) receive not so good than my SDRplay Duo.
On Sunday, I make a test to compare both systems:

General config:
Two computer with Windows 10
Magnetic loop (not tuned) with pre Amplifier (LZ1AQ, AAA-1B) and Diplexer
Check the exact time on both PCs: o.k.

RedPitaya (Stemlab 14)
Thetis V2.8.11 (10/20/20)
WSJT-X V2.4.0

SDRplay Duo:
SDRuno V1.41
WSJT-X V2.4.0

The RedPitaya receive about 50% less stations than the SDRplay Duo (see file WSJT-X_Compare.png).
If the Red Pitaya receive the same station as the SDRplay, both systems reports the same values.

Any idea what is the reason for this behavior?


Michael (DD7IO)