USA 40 Mhz experimental licenses, yes 8 meters

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USA 40 Mhz experimental licenses, yes 8 meters

Just a FYI to all you who might be interested. A small handful of US stations have applied and been granted experimental licenses on 40 Mhz Seems like its the wrong time of year for this band but a handful of us have been WSPRing away. 8M is not a supported band on WSPRnet but you can search the database for calls. For now we are using a dial of 40.662 that may change if interference is discovered and/or we align with DX countries that have 8M privileges.

8M is recognized in the latest versions of WSJT, you just have to enter the dial frequency in settings.

I have a RTL dongle with no antenna self reporting my station so you can search the database with the call WM2XCC and see my reports.

A lot of the modern HF-6 radios will receive 40 Mhz or a cheap SDR can be set up to monitor 8M WSPR.

We are a small group, mostly independent and not organized at all. I thought I would try and bring some awareness to encourage more 8M SWL. As Winter approaches a great project to get ready for the Spring DX season.....For more details or questions please ask away. I'm good in