Windows 11 and IC-7300

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Windows 11 and IC-7300


Mhm, how to explain this.

I connected today my IC-7300 with my notebook at my shake.
The 7300 was not in use since the W11 upgrade at my home Qth. I transfered it this week from the garden to my home.
My notebook is running W11 since one week.
Today I started first JS8Call and got a Problem. To check I tried Wsjt-x and got the same problem.

Cat is switching to tx and audio is transfered to usb and some watts are transmitted.
After a while suddenly cat is switching to tx but the audio appears on the Ic-7300 speaker. Therefor no power at tx output.

When restarting Wsjt-x or JS8call all works normal. The circle starts again after a while.

I didn't restart the IC-7300.
Had anyone else a similar funny situation?
Could it be a W11 problem or a IC-7300 problem?
The audio never switched to the notebook speakers only to the IC-7300 speaker.

Some hints are welcome.

73, Michael