WSPR and MH370 again

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WSPR and MH370 again

This story has been posted on various mews media sites recently:

While I'm sure the description is inaccurate (probably lost a great deal in translation from techno to journo!) Godfrey may be employing stochastic radar principles which use complex artificial intelligence models to locate and track objects. This is very much a research field at present and there's not a lot of layman-level information available but the focus seems to be on autonomous vehicles, and this paper may provide some insight:

If I'm guessing correctly, and separating out the nonsensical reporting, what he may be doing is analyzing the wspr database to look for patterns of disturbance caused by the plane. More than that would be wild speculation on my part but it's theoretically possible. What we know for sure is that there was no wspr transmitter on board the aircraft and any claims about data being sent at 2 minute intervals is nonsense. But there were valid wspr transmissions going on at the time, and perhaps they can act as the "electronic tripwires" that the article describes.

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