WSJT-X multi-instance upload limits

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WSJT-X multi-instance upload limits

I'm wondering if the database team places a limit on the number RX spots accepted - particularly when running multiple instances of wsjt-x.

I notice large chunks of my reported spots randomly fail to enter the database when I run multiple instances of wsjt-x.

In each problem case, I use same call-sign, same IP address, and same station location. Each instance is on a different band (so no duplicates). All RX spots are uploaded immediately at end of each 2-minute cycle. Internet connection is reliable - particularly given that most of my spots complete the journey into the database within the same 2-minute timeframe.

For example: The problem often arises when using three antennas, three receivers, and three instances of wsjt-x.
The problem almost always arises (at random) when using more than three instances of wsjt-x.
I rarely have a problem when running two instances of wsjt-x.

I don't know why this problem is happening.
If there is a limit, then I wish to comply with such a limit.

Any ideas or suggestion welcome.

Regards, John VK4CT