Gain access to wsprnet_api

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Gain access to wsprnet_api

I am new into the WSPRNET activity so bear with me for naive questions.
I am part of a small group in Modena - Italy, developing a WSPR-capable transceiver controlled by a web interface. We plan to demonstrate it in some local schools.
In order to complete our development, we need to query the wsprnet_api. To do so, we have requested to Gary W1GJM to be granted the API access, as written in the Github repo
We have also described what kind of access we want to implement and the policy applied to avoid overloading the server.

As we haven't received any feedback from Gary, I would like to ask if anyone has recently requested the API access, what was the outcome and any suggestion to achieve that. Some may suggest to try mailing again Gary and, yes, we already tried that.

Also, if there is a good alternative to get the same data from a mirror API, please let us know.

Thanks for help.
73, Alberto IZ4CEZ