Dedupe your spots before uploading !

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Dedupe your spots before uploading !

In the race to get more spots and more uniques you might forget to make sure your data is clean.

This is especially needed when running more receivers with more software decoders in parallel.

Deduping is not an automated process and is not being done by the database so you have to make that effort yourself.

The data in the database is being used for many different things but all uses have one thing in common, clean data creates better results.

On the fab website VK7JJ built, you can not only list the Top-spotters by various criteria but also see a Top-dupers list.

If you see yourself doing more than a few percent of the raw spots being dupes it is time to take some actions to make sure you get clean data into the database again.

I will be doing a focused approach to the Top-5 in the dupers list to help these radio amateurs to loose that dishonorable position as quickly as possible.

Enjoy and get to the Top-list, that of uniques, not the one for duplicates!

Erwin, PE3ES / F4VTQ aka the de-dupe duke