[SOLVED] M0LMH generating false spots

Hello WSPR friends,

I notice that the spotter M0LMH generates wrong spots in the database as follows:

Ex: the transmitter EX4MPLE transmits every 10min on the 20m band. His WSPR signal is received and registered at 14:10 by M0LMH with SNR -19dB and shown as such in the WSPR database. In the minute 14:12 there is no transmission on-air from EX4MPLE. Nevertheless it is spotted by M0LMH at 14:12 with -19dB, which is the last SNR value known to him. At 14:14, 14:16 and 14:18 there is no transmission from EX4MPLE, also these time slots M0LMH spots incorrectly with -19. At 14:20 EX4MPLE is now transmitting in reality and is correctly spotted by M0LMH with -25dB. At 14:22 there is no transmission and M0LMH spots it anyway with the last known value -25.

So every 2min spots are generated which actually did not exist because the signal was not in the air.

In addition the following phenomenon occurs. If EX4MPLE reconfigures his transmitter and changes the band to e.g. 15m band and transmits at 14:24 then the following happens: M0LMH spots at 14:24 a spot of EX4MPLE from the old used 20m band with SNR -25 and also at the same time at 14:24 the really heard EX4MPLE on the 15m band with -8 dB. At 14:26 there are again two spots each on the 20m and 15m band although at this time there was no transmission by EX4MPLE.

This for information, if it should cause confusion with some like it happened to me. I have already sent an email to the OM and pointed this out to him.

Have a nice weekend everyone and happy whispering.