Wspr on a balloon

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Launched on the 14th of april on a Yokohama balloon, a wspr tracker with PA3DJR callsign.

Transmitting 4 bands,

minute zero at 10 meter
minute two at 15 meter
minute four at 30 meter
minute six and minute eight on 20 meter. (default and telemetry extended)

Antenna wire is 1/4 wave for 20 meter, 503 cm from antenna out hanging down and 1/4 wave for 10 meter, 251 cm, up from ground connection to balloon.

Appears to make a great resonator for 15 meter , over 80 percent of the reports comes from the 15 meter band transmission.

Is pushed to and habhub as PA3DJR-27
Is pushed to habhub as BZ3a with actual GPS position and altitude if 2 reports on 20 meter are received on minute 6 AND 8

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