QCX-Mini 20m no activity reported

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QCX-Mini 20m no activity reported

I'd appreciate any comments regarding my problems with getting WSPR contacts.

* Rig is a QRP Labs QCX-mini 5 W with default settings (WSPR frequency 14.097 140 MHz) other than my call sign and location. QTH is KP20.

* EFHW antenna. On CW beacon mode, my transmissions are being received reliably (according to Reverse beacon network).

* Clock is manually set to UTC wihtin +/- 1 second.

Still, I have zero WSPR activity reported on wsprnet.org. However, when I experimented with setting the frequency lower to 14.096 950 MHz AND accidentally set my clock to local EEST (UTC+0300) I was successful in getting three activity reports from G0KTN, PD1V and DJ8JP. After changing the frequency back to the default and/or setting the clock to UTC no activity is being reported.

What could explain this?

73 de OH2CME